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- oprogramowanie dostępne w czasie zawodów


Compilers used by the Verifying System

– gcc/g++ (version 3.3.3, or higher)
– fpc 2.0.0 (FreePascal)

Compilers/programms avaialable on computers with Linux system

– gcc/g++ version 3.3.3, or higher)
– fpc 2.0.0 (FreePascal)
– eclipse with CDT plugin (for C++)
– gdb
– mc
– vim
– emacs
– bc
– joe
– pico
– lynx
– w3m
– mozilla firefox

Compilers/programms avaialable on computers with Windows system

– VisualC++ .NET 2005
– Borland Delphi 7.0 Personal
– C++ Builder Personal 6.0
– fpc 2.0.0 (FreePascal)
– gcc
– Internet Explorer
– Mozilla Firefox

Additional information

Teams working on Windows systems may encounter differences between compilers on their computers and the ones using the Verifying System. That's why we recommend: fpc/djgpp (or at least, if not to use all the time, to compile your programms with them before sending) — The are most concurent with the compilers used by the Verifying System. We point out, that there will be no penalty for sending a programm, wchich does not compile and we wil make all possible effort to minimize the problems due to differences between compilers. Please refer totutrial oraz FAQ in need of detailed information.